Juliette Chabassier

Makutu research team, Inria.

Inria Bordeaux Sud Ouest

200 Av. de la vieille Tour


Tel: +33 (0)5 24 57 40 45

I am a researcher in the Inria team Makutu. My research focuses on numerical aspects of wave propagation, more specifically applied to musical instruments. This axis of the team is located in Talence, France.

I am a member of the SCRIME where scientists can meet composers and musicians to achieve joint projects.

As a member of Modartt company, I help develop new algorithms for real time sound synthesis of musical instruments.

I also like to play the baroque oboe with the Ensemble Les Précieuses, the Ensemble Maddalena and others, to sing in the choir Orfeo and to listen to J. S. Bach wonderful work.

selected publications

  1. JSV
    Transmission line coefficients for viscothermal acoustics in conical tubes
    Thibault, Alexis,  Chabassier, Juliette, Boutin, Henri, and Hélie, Thomas
    Journal of Sound and Vibration Oct 2022
  2. M2AN
    Construction and convergence analysis of conservative second order local time discretisation for linear wave equations
    Chabassier, Juliette, and Imperiale, Sébastien
    ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis Jul 2021
  3. AA
    Full waveform inversion for bore reconstruction of woodwind-like instruments
    Ernoult, Augustin,  Chabassier, Juliette, Rodriguez, Samuel, and Humeau, Augustin
    Acta Acustica Nov 2021


Sep 29, 2023 I was part of the PhD jury of Abbas Mousavi : “Computational analysis and design optimization for acoustic devices”. Umeå University
Sep 30, 2022 I was part of the PhD jury of Akram Beni Hamad, “Modélisation et simulation numérique de la propagation d’ondes électromagnétiques dans les câbles coaxiaux.”
Dec 21, 2021 I was part of the PhD jury of Pierre Carré : “Méthodes numériques d’inspiration géométrique pour la synthèse sonore par modèle physique; application à un modèle de corde géométriquement exact.”
Dec 10, 2021 I was part of the PhD jury of Nathan Rouxelin : “Méthodes numériques mixtes condensées pour l’étude de la propagation des ondes acoustiques en écoulement. Applications en héliosismologie.”
Mar 26, 2021 I was part of the PhD jury of Hajer Methenni, “Mathematical and numerical modeling for the simulation of ultrasonic integrated health monitoring of laminated composite plates.”